Verwalter Changes by Version

Verwalter 0.13.4

  • Feature: log of invoked actions added with logger verwalter::frontend::api::actions

Verwalter 0.13.3

  • bugfix: fix displaying actions on leader using default frontend

Verwalter 0.13.2

  • bugfix: Fix link to alternate frontend in default frontend
  • feature: add id field to graphql status
  • bugfix: fix server list display in api frontend

Verwalter 0.13.1

  • feature: add /v1/graphql endpoint with GraphQL API
  • feature: add /v1/graphiql for poking with GraphQL API
  • feature: default frontend now shows peers having errors
  • feature: default frontend now shows full list of failing roles with the links to logs under the navigation bar

Verwalter 0.13.0

  • breaking: all requests to /action and /wait_action now require Content-Type: application/json
  • feature: add support for query.wasm which might be used for overriding rendered roles and for custom queries
  • feature: you can fetch current scheduler (and query) via API /v1/wasm/scheduler.wasm (only wasm scheduler though)

Verwalter 0.12.1

  • Feature: add “node” variable to templates by default (in compatibility mode)

Verwalter 0.12.0

  • We’re preparing for list of roles and their variables be prepared by the wasm code in scheduler. This release only changes internals, preparing for that (we bump version to make a signal that things should be tested carefully).

Verwalter 0.11.3

  • Feature: Added exerimental route /v1/leader-redirect-by-node-name/ that returns redirect to a leader node
  • Feature: Add a link to default frontend “common” frontend
  • Bugfix: UI for ‘Choice’ variable type now works in api frontend

Verwalter 0.11.2

  • bugfix: reset failures for the roles have been removed
  • Feature: Add CleanFiles command

Verwalter 0.11.1

  • feature: add Condition action which allows to execute an action if some files have been changed during executing other commands

Verwalter 0.11.0

  • breaking: wasm scheduler requires returning object instead of tuple
  • feature: new SplitText action, to deal with multiple generated files easily
  • bugfix: wasm module will be reinitialized after panic
  • bugfix: since verwalter 0.1.4 verwalter couldn’t work as a single node
  • breaking: serves /files/ directory from static files

Verwalter 0.10.4

  • feature: add an experimental --allow-minority-cluster option that allows verwalter to elect itself as a leader even if it sees less then N/2+1 nodes. I.e. in split-brain scenario two leaders might exist simultaneously which will then be merged. Note: this is a task of a specific scheduler to merge schedules appropriately.
  • bugfix: additional css,js,fonts for alternative frontends were not served properly
  • feature: allow to --default-frontend via CLI

Verwalter 0.10.3

  • bugfix: timestamps in peer info now serialize as milliseconds since epoch
  • wasm: add function to log panics
  • wasm: add log/pow/exp functions needed for rust (actually llvm) build

Verwalter 0.10.2

  • feature: upgrading trimmer to 0.3.6 allows to use escaping, dict and list literals in (.trm) templates
  • Using wasmi instead of parity-wasm for interpreting wasm
  • Initial routing for alternative frontends (/~frontend-name/... urls)

Verwalter 0.10.1

  • Timeout for incoming requests changed 10sec -> 2 min (mostly important to download larger logs)
  • Template variables are passed to renderer using temporary file rather than command-line (working around limitations of sudo command line)

Verwalter 0.10.0

  • Experimental webassembly scheduler support

Verwalter 0.9.14

  • UI: fix chunk size in log tailer, mistakenly committed debugging version
  • scheduler: if scheduler continue to fail for 5 min verwalter restarts on this node (this effectively elects a new leader)

Verwalter 0.9.13

  • UI: add “Skip to End” button on log tail, skip by default on pressing “follow”

Verwalter 0.9.12

  • Bugfix: fix crash on serving empty log
  • Bugfix: JS error on the last step of api-frontend pipeline
  • Log viewer leads to tail with correct offset

Verwalter 0.9.11

  • Bugfix: Content-Range headers on logs were invalid
  • Api-frontend: sorted server list
  • Api-frontend: no “delete daemon” when update is active

Verwalter 0.9.10

  • Add nicer log tailing UI and activate link in role log list
  • Add some cantal metrics
  • Bugfix: list of peers did not display correct timestamps

Verwalter 0.9.9

  • Bugfix: external logs were not served properly
  • Bugfix: when cantal fails for some time, verwalter could block

Verwalter 0.9.8

  • Keeps few backups of old schedules
  • Updates dependencies of frontend

Verwalter 0.9.7

  • Bugfix: when request to cantal failed, verwalter would never reconnect

Verwalter 0.9.6

  • Settings tweak: runtime load watchdog timeout is increased to 5 sec
  • Bugfix: fix “rerender all roles” button (broken in 0.9.0)

Verwalter 0.9.5

  • Bugfix: because we used unbuffered reading of runtime, it was too slow, effectively preventing scheduler to start on larger schedules
  • Settings tweak: scheduler watchdog timeout is increased to 5 sec

Verwalter 0.9.4

  • Bugfix: follower was unable to render templates (only leader)

Verwalter 0.9.3

  • Peer info (known since, last ping) is now visible again (broken in 0.9.0)

Verwalter 0.9.2

  • Fix bug in showing old schedule at /api/v1/schedule api
  • Logs now served by newer library, so bigger subset of requests supported (last modified, no range, …)

Verwalter 0.9.1

  • Release packaging fixes and few dependencies upgraded

Verwalter 0.9.0

The mayor change in this version of scheduler that we migrated from rotor network stack to tokio network stack. This is technically changes nothing from user point of view. But we also decided to drop/fix rarely used functions to make release more quick:

  1. Dropped /api/v1/scheduler API, most useful info is now in /api/v1/status API
  2. Some keys in status are changed
  3. No metrics support any more, we’ll reveal them in subsequent releases (we need more performant API in cantal for that)

Yes, we still use /v1 and don’t guarantee backwards compatibility between 0.x releases. That would be a major pain.